Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cyberlympics 2012 Finals

I hope it's still not too late, but I wanted to post about the Cyberlympics Finals. So it's been almost three weeks from now that our team ( went to Miami, and played the last CTF round of the competition.

We had a long flight to the USA, and I was very excited, since I left Europe for the first time.

As second team in the 3rd Round, we had to fight in a preliminary round with other teams from other regions and only the winner of the preliminary round was allowed to participate in the finals.

Fortunately, after 3 hours of fighting, we got the first place in the qualification round and moved into the finals!

Cyberlympics Qualification round results:
  1. - Hungary
  2. TeamNaija - Nigeria
  3. Deloitte LATCO - South America
Here's a nice picture of us, after getting into the finals (I have no idea what made me smile like that... ):

Being warmed up already, we played for 6 hours in the finals. It was quite challenging, and we ended up as 2nd runner ups! :)

Cyberlympics Finals results:

  1. hack.ers - Netherlands
  2. UMUC Cyber Padawans - USA
  3. - Hungary
  4. FSTeam - Brazil
  5. magpies - Austraila
  6. PRAUDITORS - Hungary
  7. TeamNaija - Nigeria
  8. WhiteHat - Sri Lanka
We got this nice medal here (I stole this from András' Facebook wall, hope he doesn't mind):

We also got 500 bucks which is also nice, even if you split it into 6 :P. The most important thing was that we had a great time preparing and playing and learned a lot of new stuff! :)

After the competition we've celebrated our victory, and spent a couple days with exploring Miami and the Everglades.

After coming back, we got our 15 minutes of fame giving TV interviews (sry, only in Hungarian):

Radio interviews (also in Hungarian):

And Internet sites:

Thanks everyone for your support! Next posts will be about Round 2 and 3 and after that, the Finals in details. Stay tuned! :)

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