Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cyberlympics 2012 Round 3

So I was swamped with work and stuff lately and had no time at all to make new blog posts.

One of the reasons is because our team was busy MAKING IT TO THE FINALS of the cyberlympics games. :)

End results:

Representing North America:

  1. UMUC Cyber Padawans - USA
  2. PwningYeti - USA
Representing South America:

  1. FSTeam (formally EBTeam) - Brazil
  2. Deloitte LATCO - South/Central America
Representing Asia/Australia:

  1. Magpies - Australia
  2. White Hat - Sri Lanka
Representing Europe: (Unoffical news: one team from Netherland also comming to the finals)

  1. PRAUDITORS - Hungary
  2. - Hungary
Representing Africa:

  1. Broken Cipher - Sudan
  2. TeamNaija – Nigeria
Since it’s pretty cool that 2 Hungarian teams are in the finals, we got a nice media coverage in Hungary: